2023 Grantee Partners

2023 Grantee Partners

We are delighted to unveil our 2023 Grant Finalists, Semi-Finalists, and all the exceptional applicants who have participated in our grant cycle. Take a moment to explore the incredible organizations through the provided links and discover the meaningful work they are doing. If their mission resonates with you, we encourage you to get involved or make a donation to support their impact.

In addition, mark your calendars for our upcoming 4th Annual Celebration and Vote on Monday, June 5! Our members will have the opportunity to cast their votes, determining the grant allocation for our three finalists. Members, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our finalists by listening or reading about their missions prior to the vote. While you will learn more about them in person at the celebration, these links will provide a deeper understanding of their visions and programs.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who engaged in our 2023 grant cycle. If you did not make it to the finalist round, we sincerely hope you will consider participating again next year. Your contributions and efforts are immensely valued, and we are grateful for everything you do in advancing transformative change in our communities.

Mujer Al Volante
2023 Finalist

Mujer al Volante (MAV) empowers low-income immigrant and refugee women and mothers to achieve independence while promoting financial sustainability, community engagement, and leadership. MAV is the first organization in Washington State, and one of the few in the country, that provides assistance in obtaining driver's licenses for women. They have expanded their focus from Latinx women to all immigrant women by adding support for 5 additional languages. Their core program, "Taking the Steering Wheel of My Life," offers a four-week intensive workshop series that helps participants pass the driving knowledge test and provides scholarships for driving lessons. MAV’s approach assists mothers and women to release their potential while gaining mobility, self-respect, skills and the confidence to self-advocate. To learn more about MAV, click one of the buttons below.

No More Under
2023 Finalist

No More Under (NMO) is a Black-led nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through water safety education, legislation, and increasing equitable access to swimming lessons and tools. Chezik, NMO’s founder, lost her son, Yori, to a drowning accident in 2018. Through her journey of grief, Chezik created NMO to ensure other families do not endure a similar tragedy. The statistics surrounding aquatic accidents are steeped in discrimination, systemic racism and financial exclusion. According to the CDC, drowning is the second leading cause for death in children aged 1 through 14. Swimming lessons decrease the chance of drowning by up to 88%. However, many families do not have the opportunity to learn to swim, do not feel invited into aquatic spaces, or are hesitant due to cultural and historical causes. NMO prioritizes families and children most in need of services to directly address the disparities, encouraging long-term change within aquatics. To learn more about NMO, click one of the buttons below.

Project Be Free
2023 Finalist

Project Be Free (PBF) is an organization dedicated to providing holistic crisis response and support to individuals affected by domestic violence. Their mission is to help clients and their families live healthier lives by offering a range of services. PBF aims to break the cycle of generational domestic violence by surrounding all family members with healing support. They prioritize serving BIPOC communities and those from low-income backgrounds, addressing systemic inequities in accessing mental health support. PBF collaborates with law enforcement and other nonprofit and community organizations to connect individuals to their services. To learn more about PBF, click one of the buttons below.

2023 Grant Semi-Finalists

Geeking Out Kids of Color

GOKC builds and sustains youth programs that are rooted in community, computer science, and consciousness. Its project-based tech curricula are informed by anti-racism, anti-sexism, multiculturalism, social-emotional learning, and decolonization frameworks. Its programs are geared towards empowering youth with the voice, digital literacy, and problem-solving skills to envision and construct new realities.

Global Perinatal Services

Global Perinatal Services (GPS) is a birth equity organization whose mission is to provide community-based doula services that will educate, respect, and empower Black, refugee, and immigrant women and their families during pregnancy, birth, and into early parenting. To learn more about GPS, click one of the buttons below.

Look, Listen & Learn

Look, Listen and Learn (LL+L) is a Telly Award-winning & Emmy-nominated early learning television show that supports the emotional wellbeing of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) families by offering fun, in-home learning tools for 3-8 years olds. LL+L exists at the intersection of arts, media, education and racial justice by providing culturally relevant storytelling, fundamental social-emotional skills, and critical messages of love and hope.

Para Los Niños

The mission of Para Los Niños (PLN) is to foster academic success for every Latinx student through parent and community involvement. PLN believes that all Latinx children are capable of excellence, and they achieve that goal by building culturally relevant programs upon a foundation of love and respect, supported by a community leadership model that recognizes the talents and skills of each person. They believe in the inherent value of all Latinx children, and help create a world that celebrates the beauty and brilliance of our community.