Past Events

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Serving Refugees: A Discussion with Local Leaders

Washington State is home to 10% of refugees nationally and ranks among the top few states for recent arrivals by Afghans and Ukrainians. In our April 2023 Education Session, we learned about refugees in our communities from experienced, front-line panelists who shared their personal histories and expertise around immigration, refugee status, and policy. Each speaker reflected a different perspective - government, private enterprise, community-based nonprofit. Local and national issues were discussed, including valuable information encompassing the gravity of the topic as well as barriers impacting change.

Facilitator: Melissa West
Panelists: : Luanda Arai, Erin McKay, Thanh Tan.

Lessons We've Learned in Giving and Philanthropy

Community influencers and fellow Impact 100 Seattle members recently shared personal stories from grantmaking, volunteering, and individual and collective philanthropy. Our sector over these past few years has been tested with sudden shifts and rapid pivots. We've dawned new hats strategically to take risks and navigate both planned and unexpected changes. What personal lessons about giving and philanthropy have you taken to heart? What have you embraced to pay forward? What would you like to forget, or do over? How do we support one another in our gifting journeys as leaders and learners?

Facilitator: Julie Pham, PhD
Panelists: Jessica Ross, JulieAnne Behar, Julita Eleveld

2022 Grantee Partner Kickoff

This October, we held our first Grantee Partner Kickoff, where we heard from all three of our 2022 Grantee Partners and fund recipients. We heard about the amazing work they are doing, and how they are making incredible impacts in our communities. And, we saw Good Foot Arts Collective bring it to the stage with a dance routine.

To hear how our partners are growing their impacts this year, watch the short clips we've included here.

And here we have The Good Foot Art Collective, getting ready to show us their moves!

2022 Annual Meeting and Vote

Event Description: Welcome to our 2022 Annual Meeting and Vote! If you can't join us live, please join this live stream to hear about 3 amazing, community-based organizations that are at the forefront of activism and systemic change in the Puget Sound. Help us allocate $157,000 in unrestricted funds to: Global Perinatal Services (GPS), The Good Foot Arts Collective, and Project Be Free (PBF). 

Get inspired and learn something new about our community!

Personal Giving and Impact Investing

Event Description: Join us for our Spring education session where we will discuss how we as individuals, and as female philanthropists, use our money and our time to drive consumer power.

2021 Annual Meeting and Vote

Event Description: Welcome to our second Annual Meeting and vote! Watch to hear about 3 amazing, community-based organizations that are at the forefront of activism and systemic change in the Puget Sound. Hear an update from one of our 2020 Grantee Partners and look back on Impact 100 Seattle‘s second year.

2021 Grant Process Q&A

This is a recording of the Impact 100 Seattle Q&A session for potential grant applicants. In this video we review our grant review process and answer questions from participants. You can find more information at

2021 Grant Review Process Kick-Off

Are you a member of Impact 100 Seattle or interested in becoming one? Watch this video to find out more about the process in which we award grants to local nonprofit organizations. If you have any questions or want to be part of the process, e-mail

What is Trust-Based Philanthropy?

Trust-based philanthropy is based on the insight that funder-grantee relationships are stronger when they are built on a foundation of trust. The principles of trust-based philanthropy encourage us to recognize and address power imbalance between funders and grantees, to deeply value the quality of the relationships with our grantees, and to make equity, humility and transparency the center of our giving practices. Hear from Pia Infante from the Whitman Institute and Anna Graves from Impact 100 Seattle as they discuss trust based philanthropy and its application in collective giving organizations.

Lunch and Learn with Becky Paugh

Listen to a thought provoking conversation with Becky Paugh, whose recent article was featured on the Community Centric Fundraising website. This conversation is guaranteed to challenge your thinking around philanthropy!

Grantee Partner Update and Q&A

We talked with three of our Grantee Partners: Para Los Ninos, East African Community Services and Somali Family Safety Taskforce. They told us about their work, struggles in their communities and the importance of unrestricted funding.

October 2020 All Member Meeting:

Impact 100 Seattle held 2 community meetings on October 20th, 2020. During the hour we shared with our members, partners and friends, we talked about our organization, our giving philosophy and our goals for 2021. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to talk with two of our nonprofit partners, Dominique Davis at Community Passageways (during the morning meeting) and Silvia Giannattasio-Lugo at Young Women Empowered (during the evening meeting). This is a recording of our morning meeting, as unfortunately the evening session encountered technical difficulties and was not recorded. Big thanks to Dominique and Silvia for giving their time.

2020 Annual Meeting and Vote

Welcome to our first Annual Meeting! Watch to hear about 5 amazing, community-based organizations that are at the forefront of activism and systemic change. Get inspired and learn something new about our community.