Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading

At Impact 100 Seattle, we are committed to continually learning and evolving. We want to empower each other to become more educated philanthropists and that can only occur if we stretch our thinking and explore new ideas. We hope that the resources below will give you some food for thought, explain some of our thinking and help you as you explore what philanthropy means to you. We‘re always looking for new articles, books, podcasts and blogs to add to our list. If you have something to share, please contact us.

Nonprofit AF is a blog written by Vu Le, a writer, speaker, vegan, Pisces and the former Executive Director of RVC.

We have found many of his entries inspiring, but this blog post about grant applications made us re-think our grant-application process. 

Decolonizing Wealth is a provocative analysis of the dysfunctional colonial dynamics at play in philanthropy and finance.

We found Edgar Villanueva‘s book to be an extremely thought provoking analysis of how Philanthropy can perpetuate inequity. His ideas on how to restore balance have influenced our thinking on best ways to work with nonprofit partners. 

At Impact 100 Seattle, we are committed to practicing trust-based philanthropy.

This concept is likely foreign to many and might appear risky and scary. Resources provided by the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project explain why our work will be more successful and rewarding if we approach grantee relationships as an ongoing partnership and give with curiosity rather than expectation.