Why Join

Why Join?

Join us as we envision a world where nonprofits spend time transforming communities, not fundraising. Impact 100 Seattle harnesses the collective power of diverse women to support and amplify the work of local community-based organizations, through high impact grantmaking and relationship building. Together, we cultivate relationships and distribute unrestricted grants to small community based nonprofits in the Puget Sound area, guided by the principles of trust-based philanthropy.

Why Impact 100 Seattle?

  • One woman can make a difference. 100 woman can make an IMPACT!
  • Help us re-definine what philanthropy looks like.
  • Learn about YOUR community.
  • Connect, learn, and laugh with over 100 women from all over the Puget Sound Region who share common values and concern for our city.
  • Have a voice and a vote in how hundreds of thousands of dollars are allocated.
  • Get to know nonprofits that are transforming our region.

Why participate in collective giving?

Collective giving amplifies individual giving and enables those who do not have access to billions of dollars to make a significant contribution to our community. It also democratizes giving by inviting women from diverse backgrounds, of different ages and socio-economic groups to join in the collective, connect with each other and learn together to better understand the issues of our community and ways that we can provide support.

Are you passionate about our cause, but the membership fee poses a barrier? Find out about our Impactship program here.