Membership Benefits / Timeline

Membership Benefits

The only membership obligation is your annual financial contribution, which supports our unrestricted grants to local, community-based organizations. The financial contribution is due by March 31st each year. We encourage each woman to tailor her level of involvement in order to make this collective experience fulfilling. Here are a just a few key benefits and ways to get involved at Impact 100 Seattle:

  • Participate in the Grant Review Process. Practice trust-based philanthropy, learn about our region by reviewing grant applications from small, local, community-run organizations, and be a part of the team that selects the grant finalists.

  • Attend social and educational events. Build belonging and community during happy hours, panel discussions, and Grantee Partner updates.

  • Network with like-minded women. Join a network of dynamic women committed to sustainable change, while fostering personal and professional relationships.

  • Give beyond the check. Volunteer on the Leadership Team, committees, or directly with our Grantee Partners, as you schedule permits.

  • Expand your knowledge. Attend educational and Grantee Partner events to understand the nonprofit landscape and social issues in our region.

  • Most importantly, VOTE to allocate our annual grants!